Destiny Community has been trying out new challenges in game since launch! From Destiny’s first raid ‘Vault of Glass’ to the last raid ‘Wrath of the Machine’. Making it to the World’s first completion list has always been the goal. Some might be ‘Timed Challenges’ like ‘Fastest Raid Completion’ (We’re pretty sure you’ve watch those videos). But this one is quite different! Completing the whole raid on Sparrow even after defeating the last boss fight.


Wrath of the Machine: This Player has made it to Aksis on his Sparrow!

This Player The Legend Himself and his Fireteam completed this challenge on Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine Raid in Plaguelands. This has never been done before (in this raid). Also, if you’re thinking soloing this raid on Sparrow like we used to in Vault of Glass, well, it’s not possible as Bungie did a pretty well job on patching any glitches in this raid.

This is not an easy challenge to complete. As you can see, it’s a one go and you have to complete the raid in one try. If you die even once, you’ll loose your Sparrow the next time you spawn. There have been other completion of this challenges, and according to them ‘it took more than 20-30 tries doing this challenge’. Watch the video footage here:

There isn’t much to do now in Destiny as everything has been already done. Age of Triumph did a well job remastering every raid. Destiny 2 Gameplay Reveal Event is around the corner and you probably don’t want to miss it! It’s happening on May 18th taking place in Los Angeles at Jet Center. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments below!
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