Destiny has a strong past if we talk about cheese spots, exploits or glitches. There had been many cheese spots found in-game including Unlimited Kills in Crucible. After the release of Destiny last event ‘Age of Triumph‘, there wasn’t any exploits found in weekly featured raids (Crota’s End, Vault of Glass) instead Bungie did a really well job patching every glitch in Crota’s End (including Bridge exploit). But it seems, they didn’t patch every glitch in these raids. This time it’s Templar Glitch in Vault of Glass Raid.

Vault of Glass: New Templar Glitch has been Found!

Basically, this cheese allows you to push Templar back by hitting it with a Hunter’s Vortex Grenade. When you throw the grenade at the templar, it pushes it around 5ft back which actually blocks him and it’s unable to shoot at the relic holder.  Here’s every step you want to do:

  1. Everything is pretty much the same. You destroy every Oracle (four) and then gather around on the right with a Titan’s Bubble or Hunter’s Nightstalker (whichever you want).
  2. There has to be a Hunter for this glitch to happen. Hunter has to equip his Vortex grenade from Nightstalker subclass.

Templar Glitch

3. After getting it fully charged up, he has to throw the grenade on the floor where Templar’s actually standing (not at Templar). This pushes him a bit backward.

4. Relic holder needs to go-to the left side of the map and just crouch exactly here:

Templar Glitch

It prevents the Templar from shooting at the relic holder as he is behind that rock tower.

5. Other team just needs to DPS the Templar until he’s down. And that’s pretty much it!

This exploit has been found by Ziro.TV. You can check out full video guide here. So, this was the cheese found recently in updated version of Vault of Glass. Try it out before it gets patched!

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