Last month Destiny 2 was revealed to us. We knew it was coming due to the accidental leaks but seeing the reveal trailer just had a different feel to it. However, today’s gameplay reveal stream has left me really excited for this game. D2 is all about being “a new beginning” for players, veteran and newcomers. It reminds us of D1 and yet looks fresh so that it is different. A lot of things were talked about during the stream and we will be talking about all of them here.

Update #2: Mark Noseworthy talks about the new Features in Destiny 2:

“Destiny 2’s vision is a world I want to be in. When I go there, there’s always amazing things for me to do. And if I want, there’s always someone for me to play with.”

Update: Here’s your First Look at Destiny 2 Gameplay! This Player GhostRobo has uploaded first glimpse of Destiny 2 Strike called ‘The Inverted Spire’. Take a look:

A Fleshed-Out Cinematic Story!

Destiny 2

Seeing how D1 was criticized at launch for having a minimal In-game story and having most of the lore hidden behind Grimoire cards, it is clear that Bungie wanted to focus on the story this time to make it better. D2 has “an all new cinematic campaign” with “more cinematic than (Bungie) have ever had before” and “a foe who has the power to, not only take everything you own away, but to take your power away.” However, as we find out later in the stream, the Light eventually finds its way back to us and we have our Ghost with us for the journey.

Dominus Ghaul (or Gary) is the Commander of the Red Legion who was raised with only one belief: the Red Legion should have been chosen to receive the Traveler’s Light. Ghaul believes in a different class of Guardians thinks that only the Red Legion is worthy of the Light. Which is why Ghaul is here to show the Traveler the error it made in choosing Humans and to claim it’s light. Humanity is just in his way and we know what lengths the Cabal can go to if something gets in their way (hint- they can destroy moons).

The game begins with loss and it is our job to recover our powers, weapons, armour, and most importantly, find the Vanguard, who have dispersed and gone to deal with the loss in their own ways. Zavala retreated to Titan, Moon of Saturn, to heal and recover. He is said to be dealing with an existential crisis but seeing the Ghost with our Guardian gives him hope. Cayde tried to be a hero and went on to fight on his own but things went sideways. We find him on Nessus, a planetoid, and he requires our help to get out of some trouble. Ikora is angry at the loss of the Traveler as it is the only thing apart from their connection to the knowledge of the Light and Dark. She goes to IO, Moon of Jupiter, a sacred ground for Warlocks, to deal with this great loss.

We are shown that the Speaker’s Tower is blown up in the beginning and the Speaker is missing. Amanda helps us in the beginning by giving us a ride and showing off her brilliant skills as a pilot. It is possible that she goes to help the Humanity gathered in the European Dead Zone. While the whereabouts of other characters like Rahool and Banshee-44, Cryptarch and Gunsmith, are unknown, we can see the Sweeper Bot working in the Tower cleaning up the mess during the first mission.

More Activities for All Types of Players!

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is trying to be more accessible to all types of players. Solo players have new ways to explore the world while the Crucible has been rethought for the competitive players.

“There’s more to do than any game we have ever made at Bungie.”

The Campaign will take us through the Solar System and back. Strikes will be coming back as cooperative activities and Nightfalls will also make a return. Crucible will have new game modes and every mode will be 4v4. There will be a new raid but no information about that has been made available yet.

The most changes have been made to the Patrol Mode. I think it is being called the Exploration Mode now. All the activities in an area can now be launched from this mode without going back to Orbit. This mode will also include maps that we can mark things on and explore at our own pace. It is as simple as picking a Landing Zone and starting off. While it still includes Patrols, Enemy Encounters, materials to farm and Public Events (which include heroic objectives now), there are new Adventures, Treasure Maps leading to lost treasures, and Lost Sectors. We will meet characters in the world that “have their own story to tell” and will send us on Adventures which are basically Side Missions in unique areas with different unique rewards. These same characters will mark out Lost Sectors on our map. Lost Sectors are basically Dungeons from RPGs that end in a boss guarding epic loot.

New Worlds to Explore!

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 will feature 4 brand new worlds: European Dead Zone (Earth), IO, Titan and Nessus. Each of these Worlds has their own share of characters, stories, adventures and mysteries. What’s even better is that it is possible to go directly from one planet to another planet without going to Orbit first. Each location will make us stronger and help us get the band back together.

“Now we have stuff tucked around every corner, under every locked door there is something for you to find.”

One of the first places that we go to is the EDZ. “It is the largest place we’ve ever built, easily.” It is the area where the humanity stops fleeing and starts building again. It is also the place where we meet one of the new characters, Hawthorne.

Titan, the Moon of Saturn, is where we find Zavala. The whole Moon is covered by an ocean with 40-metre high waves. There is literally no landmass. Humanity had built huge monolithic structures on its surface during the Golden Age. It is a utopia that is slowly sinking into the ocean.

Nessus is a Planetoid that has been completely occupied and transformed by the Vex into one of their machine worlds. It has its own native vegetation and features huge canyons. It also happens to be where we find Cayde.

Lastly, we go to IO, a sulphuric yellow moon of Jupiter. It was the last place the Traveler touched before the Collapse and contains great mysteries which makes it an area of interest for the Warlocks. Which is why Ikora returns to IO. Also, The Nine happen to live around this area so maybe we D2 will feature them in some way other than Xur.

Changes to Gun-play and Abilities!

Destiny 2

“It’s about getting you into the action faster. We want to remove as many barriers as we can between your gun and the enemy’s face.”

Destiny 2 has reshaped our weapon slots significantly. There are 3 weapon slots, like before, but this time they are for Kinetic, Energy and Power Weapons. Some new weapon types have been introduced like Sub-machine Guns and Grenade Launchers. Kinetic slot is for weapons that do kinetic damage. It includes mainly primary weapons but we observed a sidearm in the slot as well so the distinction is slightly different. The Energy slot is for the same weapons as the Kinetic slot, except that these weapons do elemental damage (arc, solar and void). Lastly, the Power slot is for Sniper Rifles, Fusion Rifles, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, etc. These weapons also do elemental damage. However, it is going to be harder to find ammo for Power Weapons. We also observed that the Dubious Volley, an exotic heavy that was scrapped from The Taken King DLC was featured in a shot.

Abilities are slightly different than what they were in D1. While the classes are similar to their D1 counterparts, including all the grenades, the Supers have been changed a lot. The 3 classes that we were introduced to are the Dawnblade (Sunsinger equivalent), the Sentinel (Defender equivalent) and the Arcstrider (essentially the Bladedancer with a pole).

The Dawnblade super allows you to hover in the air and throw fiery swords at enemies. The Sentinel super lets you become Captain America and throw your shield at enemies that immediately vaporises them. Lastly, the Arcstrider lets the hunter perform crazy acrobatic moves and take down the enemies with a pole while looking cool.

Apart from these, the Voidwalker, Gunslinger and Striker were also seen in action. While all the grenades stay the same, Gunslingers have 6 Golden Gun shots for a shorter period of time and the Fist of Havoc is a roaming super with a limited number of slams. The Strikers can pull up a half or full shield for cover anywhere they want, the Gunslingers have a dash that refills their magazine and the Dawnblade have a buff for either healing or damage (if in air, this command will perform a “go to ground” function to escape the glide). These abilities can be used by holding the Circle/“B” button and have a cool down (except for the Warlock “go to ground”). Also, the abilities are now meant to compliment gun-play and things like fusion grenades no longer one hit kill players in the Crucible.

More Focus on Clans!

Destiny 2

D1 had a clan system. Clans are optional teams that players can join to make it easier to play with other people. D2 will have an integrated system for clans that lets players join and match-make with them in-game. Clans will have personalized banners and slogans and the banners can be equipped in the artifact slot (no artifacts in D2) and will provide different advantages. Clans will also have a reward system, shared by every member of the clan. Every member will contribute to the progress for the rewards with each and every activity. So different types of players with different amount of time to spare will still contribute. If you play regularly or only a few matches on the weekend, the progress will be recorded.

50% of the people who played D1 finished a Raid. In D2 Bungie wants everyone to be able to experience Raids, Trials of Osiris and Nightfalls without committing to a team or even having to spend hours finding one outside the game. Matchmaking now allows solo players to queue up as “Seekers”. If you’re a part of a clan and have, say 5 players, and want to do a raid, you enter matchmaking as a “Guide”. Your clan’s banner and slogan will be available for the Seekers to view and judge. If they like it, they will join as the 6th member of the fireteam. This allows the solo players to experience team activities and if they like it, they can join the clan or leave it no strings attached. This matchmaking experience is being called “Guided Games” and aim to help out the solo players as well as the clans.

A Reformed Crucible!

Destiny 2

For the competitive players, the Crucible will be a home in D2 and Bungie intends on making it a better experience. All game modes will be 4v4 in D2 and new game modes will be introduced. One of the new modes is called Countdown and is about attacking/defending areas by placing/removing bombs (the first mode of this type in Destiny). There are more abilities but they only complement gun-play. Fusion Grenades no longer one hit kill players. There is only enough time for Supers to charge up once a match. The HUD tells you if enemies have their Super charged or are carrying Power Ammo.

The Crucible in D2 is easy to get into but hard to master.

Some More News!

  • D2 will come to PC exclusively through Blizzard.
  • On PC D2 will have an uncapped frame rate.
  • The Beta will launch this Summer, though the date has not been specified.
  • There will be some sort of exclusive content for PS4 players.

Here’s everything that we know about Destiny 2 so far! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments!

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