Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere is just around the corner. After one week, players get their first look at Destiny 2 gameplay on May 18th at 10AM Pacific. You can watch the Livestream on Bungie’s Twitch. Destiny 2 will release on September 8, 2017 on all three platforms that are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. PC users finally get to play Destiny after 3 years. Recently, Destiny 2 merchandise may have given us some hint on what new sub-classes in Destiny 2 may look like.

New Sub-classes

RUMOR: This is How New Sub-classes May Look Like in Destiny 2!

These Destiny 2 hats were available for pre-order at GameStop yesterday. Important thing is that these hats are no longer available on GameStop to pre-order. It’s because we really are getting these new sub-classes in Destiny 2. Still, this is unconfirmed!. These hats give us a strong vibe of what we will be getting as new sub-classes in Destiny 2.

As we already know, we won’t have the Light in Destiny 2. That means, no Ghost (but Nolan North is confirmed for Destiny 2. So, we will get to see our Ghost at some point in Destiny 2), no Super abilities (because those were from Traveler’s Light). If we take a look into these images, we can see that there’s a snake alongside Hunter’s logo, a Lion with Titan’s logo and a Eagle/Pheonix with Warlock’s logo. More interesting thing about them is that these creatures actually match their personalities. We did have Hunter’s cloak called Venom of Ikaheka since Year 1 with a Snake on it that says ‘The sigil of the snake, said to represent the fluid lethality of a true Hunter’, we also have various birds named in Warlock bonds such as Seal of the Twin Eagle or Spirit of the Vulture.

That’s not all, these Key chains also appeared to have same kind of texture on them as those hats. And these are also taken down by the original owner of this product.

Back in 2016, we did have a leak that features new sub-classes in Destiny 2. If we take a look at them we can see that there’s a Hunter holding a Spear and a Titan with a Shield. In February, there was a leak from a person claiming to be a Bungie employee, he leaked that there will be a pet sub-class for each character that includes Lynx/Lion type creature for Titans, slinking reptile/Snakes for Hunters and flying creatures for Warlock. This leak was obviously not confirmed but this does makes some kind of sense. Also, in Destiny 2 Reveal poster, that Titan chest armor did have the same Lion/Lynx logo as of these hats.

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