Destiny has always been at 30FPS cap on consoles. Because of this, there have been some frame drop issues players have encountered. This player “esoterickk” on r/DestinyTheGame has posted a complete guide on how it took him convert a 30FPS footage to 60FPS using Motion Interpolation method.

Motion Interpolation is the process used to convert a 30FPS footage into 60FPS. Additional frames have been created in order to bring 30FPS to 60FPS footage. Here’s a complete guide for it.  Using Butterflow, you can convert any footage in 60FPS. This player also explains how exactly can this be done. Here’s his complete guide.

This is only 60FPS not 1080p!

This player also defeated every Raid Boss solo with NO HUD. This is the complete playlist of every Raid Boss in 60FPS. Be Sure to select 1080px60FPS to actually see the difference between 30FPS and 60FPS. 

Bungie always created their own game engines to develop games such as Destiny, Halo. But these engines only support 30FPS. Bungie also said that they have completely new engine for Destiny 2 which might support it. But who knows, we can find this out in this year’s E3 Press Conference. Here’s what “Esoterickk” has to say:

I personally feel that Oryx came out the best of them so wanted to show that as the first, the rest are below.