Besides Destiny’s spectacular story-line, it also has a great PvP. Needless to say, but most of the players only play Trials of Osiris when then talk about PvP in Destiny. Destiny’s Trials of Osiris has considered one of the most competitive and challenging online multiplayer in Video Games. It follows 3v3 elimination battles with Light Level enabled. That means, you will get more advantage if you’re at higher Light Level from your opponent. This advantage could be in Damage units.


This is Probably the Best Trials of Osiris Fail in Destiny!

When it comes to glitches and fails, Destiny never disappoints! Recently, there was an glitch/bug which allows you to play in 3rd Person completely. And even after the Age of Triumph update, players still found new glitches in Vault of Glass. But there’s nothing like the Infinite Kill glitch in Crucible!

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Trials of Osiris fails in Destiny. There’s nothing more outrageous when you’re at 1v3 in Trials going for that clutch, just activated your super and at the very moment you’re controller gets disconnected because of low battery. How does that feel, eh? Checkout this video footage:

This video is by Sleeveless Gaming on YouTube. The suspense in this video is real, though. Have you come across with this in Destiny? Let us know in comments!

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