Bungie released Destiny 1’s last event called ‘Age of Triumph‘ 2 months ago in March. It brought back every raid with increased Light Level. So Destiny players can jump into those Vaults or Kill Crota again after 3 years. Destiny Age of Triumph not only brought back old raids, it also features new Weapon Ornaments and Raid exclusive Exotic Weapons. Age of Triumph Record Book is the biggest one Bungie ever created for Destiny. There isn’t much content in Destiny for now. Every player is hyped for Destiny 2 that is releasing on September 8 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (no release date for PC yet!). We will see a public beta for Destiny 2 later this summer.

Glass Chamber

These Players have Done 2-Man 390 Vault of Glass without Using Any Weapons!

So, this player Gladd and his friend ‘It is Spartan’ have completed Destiny’s first ever Raid that is Vault of Glass at 390 Light Level without using any Guns. Keep in mind that they only used Super, Melee and Grenades throughout the entire Raid (even on Raid Bosses). This has never been done before in Destiny. And these players are the first ones to complete this new challenge. Here’s the Time on every checkpoint:

  • Entrance – 1:20
  • Confluxes – 5:07
  • Oracles – 21:52
  • Templar – 26:51
  • Gatekeeper – 47:53
  • Atheon – 52:22

This is a 1 hour video gameplay of the whole raid. It’s definitely one of the hardest challenge in Destiny. You can watch their gameplay here:

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Source: Reddit

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