It’s been 2 weeks since Age of Triumph update rolled out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. First week of AoT featured Crota’s End as weekly featured raid, Blue Flames Nightfall Buff and much more. Second week featured Vault of Glass and now with the third week, King’s Fall is back! Every raid has it’s own specific weapons which now drops as an Adept version with an Exotic class. Though, raid Armor pieces are the same but now include Age of Triumph Ornaments which you can earn by playing throughout weekly featured raid. After three weeks, This Player has Soloed 390 Crota.

This Player has Soloed 390 Crota and Here’s How You Can Do It Too!

This player Gladd has soloed Crota at 390 Light Level. There was a player who soloed Crota on the first day the new update released. But this time, Gladd has killed Crota with only One Sword. Pretty cool, right? Well, yes it is! This is World’s first Solo Crota with 1 Sword at 390 Light Level! He answered some of the questions most people would be asking after watching his gameplay. Here’s some of them:

Question: So What Made It Possible?

Thanks to Textbook, we had a document that gave a specific damage number to each type of hit and combo with the sword. Crota takes about 11.5 hits with Weapons of Light to kill. Myself, along with Crota expert Ehroar, both discovered that you may be able to enrage him in only 2 downs. We figured that it takes around 1.8 million to enrage him. Taking to some math, I found 2 combos that would produce that damage in 2 downs.

1. slash, slam, slam, slam, slam

2. slash, slash, uppercut, slash, slash, uppercut, slam

As you can see in the video, I chose to go with a variation of option 1 (slam, slash, slam, slam, slam). Ehroar had recommended that I lead with a slam, as this allows you to easily start the slam animation before his shield actually goes down. On the third and final down, you get the remaining hits pretty easily.

Question: But Sean (Gladd), This Looks So Easy. Why Is It The Hardest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

One word: Frames. With the new updated raid, there are a few changes to the Crota fight. Textbook closely analyzed both sword swing speed and Crota shield regeneration. Sword swing speed is slower; Crota’s shield regenerate faster. In order to successfully complete the 2 combos above, you must literally be FRAME PERFECT. I mean, Crota must be initiating his slam on you as his shield goes down. And you must be right under him, already in your first slam animation. If you aren’t, you will fail and hit an immune.

This was BY FAR the most difficult part of the run. The cause for so many wipes. The fact that you have to get frame perfect combos TWICE in a row made it a very stressful adventure.

Crota and the Boomer Knights were the next biggest issue. They freaking melt! Everything hits way harder and can kill you very easily.

The last thing that made it difficult was the sword disappearing. You only have 30 seconds, so accomplishing everything in my video within 30 seconds was VERY tight timing. Wiped to this at least 4 times during enrage.

The weapons you need to use are Fatebringer, Found Verdict, Gjallarhorn. Inverse Shadow helmet, shotgun loader/grenade throw distance gloves,The Armamentarium, shotgun ammo raid boots. You can watch is gameplay above for in-depth video guide.

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Source: Reddit