Paladins was developed by Hi-Rez Studios (developers of Smite). Initial release of this game was on 16 September 2016. It’s a first-person shooter and is available on  PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems. Since the release of Paladins, most of the players are calling it a ‘Copy of Overwatch’ and how Hi-Rez Studios copied mostly everything from Overwatch including characters, names etc. Paladins is free-of-cost on every platform. But in order of enjoy full game experience, you need to buy starter pack called ‘Paladins Founder’s Pack’ that gives you access to every current and future champion in the game. 


Paladins Released New Champion that’s familiar to Destiny NPC!

Hi-Rez Studios recently released their new champion in Paladins called ‘Seris’ (seems familiar?) that is a support champion. Seris also known as ‘Seris: Oracle of the Abyss’ is clearly gives us of Eris Morn from Destiny. Eris Morn is one of the most important NPC in Destiny. How Seris has the clothing on her eyes just like Eris. If she could be in Destiny, Cayde would probably say “Seris, get your lamp off my table”.

That’s not all! Oracle of the Abyss also gives us some pretty decent vibes of Destiny’s first two raids that are Vault of Glass and Crota’s End. If you’ve played Vault of Glass (obviously), you can clearly tell what is an Oracle. And ‘Traverse the Abyss’ from Crota’s End.

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