Age of Triumph is Bungie’s last event for Destiny 1. They said that this event will allows Destiny community to get anything they’ve missed throughout Destiny. Old Raids making a comeback, new Nightfall modifier, Blue Flames, Old Fan-Favorite Weapons and much more are included in this event! Bungie just dropped a new Teaser for their last Live Stream of Age of Triumph. This teaser features Sandbox Update including New Weapons, Armour/Weapon Ornaments.

Overview: Age of Triumph Sandbox Update Teaser!

In this teaser you can see various new Armour pieces for each character that have never seen before. They also teased Raid Ornaments (which actually is THE best thing about this teaser). Here’s an Overview of Today’s Teaser:

  • Weapon Ornaments:

First of all, let’s talk about Weapon Ornaments! As you can see, below are the weapons that have been teased in today’s Sandbox teaser. We didn’t have a full view of No Land Beyond weapon ornament but we do know that it’s getting one. Yes!

Vex Mythoclast is also getting ornaments in this new Event and it already looks INSANE! The Blue and White contrast is pretty great for this vex-themed weapon. Next up, Harrowed Anguish of Drystan. So, raid weapons are also getting new ornaments. Fatebringer (the mighty hand-canon)is back with Style. New Ornaments!

  • Raid Ornaments:

This is probably the biggest feature in this event. Raid Ornaments for Armour pieces has never been added into Destiny before. Here’s your first look at some of the Raid Ornaments in upcoming Age of Triumph! Also, new Armour also being added to Destiny. Crota’s End Raid Armour look absolutely Fantastic!

There are Crota’s End ornaments, Vault of Glass ornaments and Wrath of the Machine ornaments shown in the teaser. But more ornaments will be revealed in this Wednesday’s Live Stream. Stay Tuned!