Destiny is one of those games which has had great impact on people’s lives. Some couples met on Destiny, some became best friends. Well this time, it’s a story of an Old Man. A streamer named “Lucent Beam” shared this one of the most heart-touching story that happened during her Live Stream. She said it’s her hobby to find random players in Destiny and help them out with Nightfalls, Strikes, Quest-lines.  Here’s what the old man said:

Yeah, this game has actually kind of saved my life. My wife passed away Christmas 2014. And I’m raising my 11 year old granddaughter. All my family has already passed away. My son passed away 9 months later. I’m retired, so this game keeps my mind pretty sharp. I mean, I feel like I live here. I have lucid dreams about being here. And those are really exciting. Most exciting times of my life being in here.


She also said that he has done no Nightfalls or Raids, didn’t know anything about weekly reset,Solved the Sleeper Simulant puzzle on his own, working on it a couple of hours a day for a few days, just randomly entering the code via process of elimination until it worked. Has played a grand total of 12 Crucible matches, and says it’s fun, but he’s mostly the bait that draws out the enemy. Loves Prison of Elder and Archon’s Forge.

The streamer “Lucent Beam” later on wiped the name of the Guardian from her stream and deleted the Live Stream. She although shared the above clip.