It’s been only 5 days and players spotted this new visual bug in Destiny 2 ‘Countdown’ Gameplay. As we know, Bungie invited most of the Destiny YouTubers to this Live Event. And they get to try-out Destiny 2. Well, this Player Datto is a well-known Destiny YouTuber. And if we take a closer look at his Gameplay, we can clearly see Hunter’s knife is misplaced when he melees’ someone. You can take a look at the gameplay here:

In about 5:50, we can see this bug. You do need to slowdown the speed of this video to 0.25 in order to clearly see this exploit. There has been a lot of bugs/glitches/exploits in Destiny. And Bungie was always very thorough to patch them as soon as they can.

This new bug was found CptCannabinol. And it’s really helpful to give Bungie a heads-up for their upcoming title. Here’s some of the shots taken of this new Hunter glitch:

If we talk about Destiny 2 Beta, there has been a speculation about the release date for it. If we take a closer look at upper-right corner on Character Screen shown in Destiny Gameplay Premiere. We can see that the number of Grimmer that are ‘17177’. If we start backward, we get 7/7/17 that is Friday, July 7, 2017.

And that’s not all! there also a release date Easter egg in this image as well! Besides Grimmer, we can see a new content somewhat related to Legendary Marks, there’s also a number ’98’ which is actually the release date for Destiny 2 that is September 8, 2017. Note: This is only a speculation. There is no official news yet for Destiny 2 beta!

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Source: Reddit

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