King’s Fall is one of the favorite raids in Destiny. The mechanics in this raid are very unique and challenging as compared to other raids. The Taken King expansion did a really great job with this raid. Every Boss encounter is completely different from the others. And the most exciting this is the final Oryx encounter. The way he spawns given every guardian chills in their first run back when The Taken King was released in 2015.


King’s Fall: This is How you can kill Golgoroth in 1 Phase!

King’s fall is back (again) with this weekly reset. This player DeMo x MeTaL z and his Fireteam has beaten Golgoroth (which is 2nd boss encounter in King’s fall) in 1 phase. This has been the World’s fastest 390 Golgoroth yet. Keep in mind, this is not the challenge mode.

As you can see, they defeat Golgoroth under 60 seconds. But if we take a look at their gameplay, we can tell that Golgoroth spawns at 0:07 and is defeated at 1:17. But still, this Fireteam did a great job defeating Golgoroth in 1 Phase.


To defeat Golgoroth in one phase:

  • Every Black Spindle bullet must been fired! (all 19)
  • Every Black Spindle shot must critical damage while both Weapons of Light and Tether active.

This is everything you need to do for 1 phase Golgoroth. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! E3 is around the corner. What are your expectations for Destiny 2?

Source: Reddit

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