With the release of Destiny 1 last event Age of Triumph, Bungie added 10 new Dead Ghosts into the game (One exclusive for PlayStaion 4). This player “Esoterickk” has found every Dead Ghost in game after yesterday’s update. Here’s the number of Ghosts with Location:

Here’s the Location of Every Dead Ghost added in Age of Triumph!


Ghost Fragment Description
Ghost Fragment: Lord Shaxx On the tree near Gunsmith in Tower.
Ghost Fragment: Legend: Rezyl Azzir  Load Crota’s End at 390 LL. At the begining, head left over the cliff. Go down towards the hole. Ghost will be there.



Note: For Dead Ghosts in Crucible Maps, you can simply load Private Matches!

Ghost Fragment Description
Ghost Fragment: Cayde-6 Exodus Blue
Ghost Fragment: Eris Morn The Anomaly
Ghost Fragment: Lord Shaxx 2 Twilight Gap
Ghost Fragment: The Last Word 5 Frontier
Ghost Fragment: The Reef 4 The Drifter
Ghost Fragment: Thorn 5 The Cauldron
Ghost Fragment: Shadows of Yor The Dungeons
Ghost Fragment: Fallen 6 (PS4 Exclusive) Sector 618

These are the location of 10 new dead ghosts added into the game. Crota’s End also features year 1 Exotic Weapon Necrochasm, If you’ve got Husk for it, here’s a complete step-by-step Guide on how to acquire Year 3 Necrochasm.