Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere was a huge success. Destiny 2 will feature many mysteries along with the new weapons, (totally) new environment and new abilities. Players will get there hands-on Destiny 2 beta later this summer. Bungie did confirmed that players will get an open beta for Destiny 2. This game will be getting released on September 8th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (no release date for PC yet!). If we talk about things that got revealed on this week’s Gameplay Premiere, there might be some you missed. Well, here’s some of the best looking shots of Destiny 2’s Universe!

Destiny 2's Universe

Here’s Some of the Best-Looking Shots of Destiny 2’s Universe!

Bungie revealed about 3 new Planets & Moons in Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere. They’re called Nessus, Titan & Io. We’ll take our journey further into the outer space with Destiny 2. These are some 5K wallpapers of Destiny 2’s World! Here’s some of the most beautiful shots:

If you think Bungie revealed very little content in Destiny 2. Well, you might be wrong! If we take a closer look at this image, we can see that there are a lot more empty spaces in Destinations tab. Besides, we haven’t heard anything about beloved ‘Queen of the Reed – Mara Sov‘. As we all know, she’s alive! We may get to see her in future expansion of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 contains two new expansions called ‘Osiris‘ & ‘Rasputin‘. We will finally get to know more about that Warmind. These empty spaces might be some more planets that’ll be added into Destiny with new expansion release.

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Source: Reddit

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