Destiny has always been one of those games that has great impact on it’s community. Some Players met on Destiny, became best friends. This time, it’s a story of two twin brothers. Nolan and Ben (died in a car accident). These two brothers has always some kind of bond with each other through Video Games. Starting back with Sonic Adventures and Super Mario. They always had to share their consoles. Fast Forward to their first PS4, they got it when Destiny was then released back in 2014!

Guardian Down: A Story of Two Twin Brothers!

Nolan: Me on Left Ben on Right!


This is what Nolan has to say:

Destiny was then released and it proved much harder for us to share with each other. After our drive home from school, we would race out of the car and into our house to try and get the first turn on the ps4 in order to play destiny. It wasn’t uncommon for us to get in a fist fight over the controller, and whichever brother had to sit and wait their turn did so with their eyes glued to the TV criticizing every move the other made. I had always played a Titan and rushed in too fast and died, while he had a Warlock and insisted “warlock jump: best jump.”

With the release of House of Wolves, Nolan lost interested in Destiny while Ben kept playing it. Sometimes doing Trials of Osiris, getting Flawless or doing Raid.

I never thought that video games could have such a profound impact on peoples real lives, and would be able to forge such real friendships. Ben will forever be the guardian angel for my family.

On February 4, 2017, while shifting to a new house, Ben and Nolan crashed in a car accident. Nolan had Concussion, completely Broken Femur and a severely Sprained Ankle. While on the other hand, Ben died later that day. Here’s a Montage Nolan made in Tribute to his brother.

My brother Ben passed away 2 months ago, I am glad the we got to bond through destiny and the friends that we made in the Destiny Community.

There has been always some great Inspiring stories from Destiny Community. It would be truly Incredible if Bungie itself could make a “Memorial Page” for Guardians who “Died Serving the Last City.

Source: Destiny Reddit