Destiny has always been a unique fun to play. Those Cayde-6 taunts to Eris, Ikora & many other NPCs. Also, Destiny’s Ghost played an important role throughout the game.  Best thing about Destiny was obviously it’s co-op mode. There hasn’t been any video game except Borderlands with such gameplay style. It’s almost a month since Age of Triumph update rolled out. It remastered every previous raid, weapons and many of those fan-favorite stuff like Nightfall buff, Fatebringer etc. This week’s featured raid is Wrath of the Machine. Here’s a quick guide on which weapon is best for DPS Aksis Archon Prime.

Destiny's Ghost

Destiny’s Ghost Hilariously takes on Ice Bucket Challenge!

This is probably the best videos released before the release of Destiny back in 2014. In this video Destiny’s Ghost takes on Ice Bucket Challenge. In this video, a wizard throws a bucket full of ice water from the moon and it hilariously lands right on the Ghost talking to his guardian. Oh, that Dinklebot! After taking a hit, the Ghost actually says ‘That came from the moon’. Here take a look:

As you can see, this Ice Bucked Challenge was very famous trend back in 2014. And they did a perfect job putting it in Video Games. In this video, the wizard also challenges some of the other 2014 hit titles like Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Johnathan Irons) & The Last of Us (Joel) including George Lucas.

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Source: GameSpot