Rise of Iron’s Raid ‘Wrath of the Machine’ will be back with tomorrow’s weekly reset. There won’t be anything new included in this updated version of Wrath of the Machine except those Adept versions of raid exclusive weapons. These exotic weapons can be acquired by doing challenge modes which in this raid are Vosik The Archpriest & Aksis Archon Prime.

Destiny: This Weapon does more Damage than Dark-Drinker on Aksis!


On Aksis challenge, mostly everyone is using Dark-Drinker exotic sword to DPS. But guess what? There’s a weapon which actually does more damage than Dark-Drinker. With the return of Wrath of the Machine raid tomorrow, this guide might be helpful for some players.

Comparison between Hezen Vengeance and The Warpath:


UPDATE: A lot of Players have been saying the Hezen Vengeance is the best Launcher for Damaging Aksis. Well, here’s a full proof that The Warpath outmatches everything for Aksis DPS. Mostly everything is same in both of these launchers except The Warpath shoots it’s entire inventory a couple of seconds faster than Hezen Vengeance which makes is better than that. Also, it will give you more time to DPS the boss with your Sniper Rifle (or any other weapon).

Hezen Vengeance took approximately 17 Seconds while The Warpath took approximately 15 Seconds to shoot it’s entire inventory which is 8 rockets in both Launchers. This gives The Warpath an advantage here over Hezen Vengeance.

Recently on r/DestinyTheGame, this player Pantsman1084 has discovered this new weapon which does more DPS. Introducing The Warpath! This Rocket Launcher is a complete beast against Aksis. This ‘Vendor Roll Warpath’ can be purchased from Future War Cult now for 150 Legendary Marks. Get it while you can because it’ll be gone with tomorrow’s reset!

So, after discovering this new weapon, this player goddarkseid23 actually tried it out on Aksis and surprisingly it did slightly more damage than Dark-Drinker. But the advantage here is that you get extra time to damage with your Sniper Rifle (EX MACHINA~ would probably be the best one!). Here’s a video footage of DPS comparison between Dark-Drinker & The Warpath:

As we can see, Dark-Drinker did 454,944 damage while with The Warpath, it did 465,359 damage (500,937 while using your Sniper Rifle too!). So, here it is! Also, Future War Cult (Lakshmi-2) is selling this weapon now. Go get it while you can.

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