Rise of Iron’s Raid ‘Wrath of the Machine’ will be back with tomorrow’s weekly reset. There won’t be anything new included in this updated version of Wrath of the Machine except those Adept versions of raid exclusive weapons. These exotic weapons can be acquired by doing challenge modes which in this raid are Vosik The Archpriest & Aksis Archon Prime. Yesterday, there was a discovery of this Rocket Launcher called ‘The Warpath‘ which can be purchased from Future War Cult (Lakshmi-2) doing more damage on Aksis as compared to Dark-Drinker.


Destiny: This Launcher has almost the Same Stats as The Warpath!

With this week’s reset, The Warpath is now gone. But for those who couldn’t able to get it, well, they’re not out of luck! Dead Orbit is now selling a Rocket Launcher which has almost the same stats as ‘The Warpath‘. It’s ‘The Unto Dust 00‘. If we take a comparison between these two launchers we can tell that:

  1. The Unto Dust 00 has greater Rate of Fire (25)  as compared to The Warpath (18). This makes it the fastest firing launcher in the game after Age of Triumph update!
  2. The reload speed of this is Launcher The Unto Dust 00 which is 80 also greater than The Warpath (50)
  3. The Unto Dust 00‘s Blast Radius and Stability is lower than The Warpath which is mostly irrelevant because rockets will be going to damage Aksis after they’re fired!

Go pick this up if you haven’t got The Warpath. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! Checkout our Facebook Page for daily Destiny content!