Destiny is a home to many players. It been an incredible game adventure for past three years. Bungie did a great job with it’s Game-play Mechanics, Story-line and Crucible. Especially, when it comes to story-line, it’s very unique as compared to other video gaming titles. As we know, Bungie releases one Destiny expansion every year (after House of Wolves) that was The Taken King & now Rise of Iron. Each expansion carries it’s own story-line which gets fully completed with it’s raid where players get to defeat the actual Boss/Villain in that story. Which in Rise of Iron was SIVA/Aksis.

First Mission

Destiny: This Player has reached Level 40 without leaving the First Mission!

This Destiny player SerfaBoy has leveled up all the way up to 40 using only the first mission ‘A Guardian Rises’ where your ghost resurrect you in Old Russia near some rusted cars. Where you fight your way through the Cosmodrome into Dock 13 where you take that Arcadia Jumpship to the Tower.

If you’ve leveled up without using Spark of Light in Destiny, you should know how messy it becomes after you reach level 25. It takes more experience gain as you level up. It took this player 106 hours 51 minutes to completely leveled up to 40. You can checkout his post on r/DTG for full in-depth guide on how you can level up using on first mission ‘A Guardian Rises’. Following is his journey from Level 1 to Level 40:

You probably has one question in your mind. This is a total waste of time when you can just enjoy playing through it’s story-line. Well, it seems SerfaBoy has an answer for you:

I dreamt up this challenge, went about preparing for it, and actually accomplished it. Do I feel proud? Yeah, sure. I’m really happy that I was able to do it. Do I think it was a waste of time? Absolutely. But so are a lot of things. I happened to enjoy this. It was almost zen-like.

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