This is the second reset for Age of Triumph. Last week, weekly featured raid was ‘Crota’s End‘. Age of Triumph features Elemental Primaries being Exotic weapons, new Ornaments & new gear for each character. This week’s featured raid is ‘Vault of Glass’. There are two challenges for this raid. Templar’s Challenge mode and Atheon Challenge mode. Have you ever tried getting to the Top of that Glass Chamber?

Destiny: This Player has made it to the Top of the Vault of Glass Chamber!

Glass Chamber

Destiny Community has always been trying new things even three years after it’s release. DeeJ says himself during Age of Triumph Live stream events that there are still some secrets remaining in the game that no one knows about. Age of Triumph being the last event for Destiny brings back every Raid, fan-favorite exotic weapons and much more.

Well, this player ProXExotic has made the World Record of getting to the Top of the Vault of Glass Chamber. Yes, you heard that right! Atheon (Final Boss in Vault of Glass Raid) has got really fancy chamber down in the vault. You can watch this player climbing up that steep path to the top. And at the end, you can see that he is at the top of the Glass Chamber (almost). You can watch his video gameplay here:

You can also take this gameplay footage as a guide on how you can climb up to the top in Vault Chamber just like Felwinter’s Peak. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! Checkout our Facebook Page for Daily Destiny Content!