It’s been 2 weeks since Age of Triumph update rolled out on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. First week of AoT featured Crota’s End as weekly featured raid, Blue Flames Nightfall Buff and much more. Second week featured Vault of Glass and now with the third week, King’s Fall is back! Every raid has it’s own specific weapons which now drops as an Adept version with an Exotic class. Though, raid Armor pieces are the same but now include Age of Triumph Ornaments which you can earn by playing throughout weekly featured raid.

Destiny King’s Fall: This is How you can Solo Entrance and Ship Jumping Puzzle!

King's Fall

This Player Esoterickk has been very active soloing every updated raid version after the update. He has soloed Crota’s End, Vault of Glass and now is trying with this week’s featured raid King’s Fall. Though, this is just the entrance and the ship jumping puzzle part. We will be getting more gameplay footage on how you can solo Totems and remaining Boss Fights in future.

For this you need a Titan’s Striker subclass with maximum Agility, Twilight Garrison. In this subclass, you need to equip Headstrong (which allows you to sprint faster), Juggernaut for protect you from incoming damage & Increased Height jump. For weapons you can use any weapon you think is best but for jumping puzzle, you must need a sword to bypass ships. Here’s the gameplay footage for more in-depth guide:

This is how you can Solo King’s Fall entrance and jumping puzzle. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! Checkout our Facebook Page for Daily Destiny Content!