Destiny is one of those games which has some really cool Bug and Glitches. From the release of game, there have been several bugs by which Destiny players took unfair advantage in Crucible and as well as in PvE.

One of the Craziest Bug in Destiny!

In the past year, there was this bug which allows you to use infinite Hunter Nightstalker. This was very unfairly useful in PvE (Player vs. Environment), especially in Nightfall or Raid. But Bungie never disappoints in taking immediate actions against these glitches.

Recently, there’s another bug called Infinite Sunbreaker & Bladedancer. This allows the Titans to use their Sunbreaker Hammers infinitely. You can watch an actual gameplay of this bug here. There has been no news from Bungie if they’ve patched it yet or not!

Well, this bug is one of the most frustrating one in Destiny’s history. As you can see in this footage, this player Elyse Kuzma┬ájust killed only one guy and it somehow ended up making a total of 87 kills (his reaction was the best thing!). He obviously kept getting those kill point if match wouldn’t have ended. Bungie patched this Bug as soon as they heard about it. Also, there was a new sidearm glitch found in Crucible which turned out to be an edit made by Sarsion. You can watch it here:

As we can see, this was rather one hilarious edits made in Destiny. Looking how everyone came back from that door was the best thing in this video. Have you found any other hilarious exploits in Destiny? Let us know in comments below! Meanwhile, checkout our Facebook Page for daily Destiny content.