As this week’s featured raid is Wrath of the Machine, players get to slay Vosik & Aksis just like they did in early days of Rise of Iron. Now, with every raid has been released over the past four weeks, players can now play any raid they wait with the increased Light Level. But, the Exotic raid exclusive weapons (Adept versions) will only drop when it’s challenges are active. Vault of Glass comes back with an increase in Light Level which makes it even more challenging. There are two challenges in this raid. Atheon Challenge mode and Templar Challenge mode.

UPDATE: This Player Sweatcicle and his Fireteam has defeated Templar under 15 seconds beating the last 18 seconds challenge. It’s now World’s fastest Templar completion in Vault of Glass! Checkout the video clip here:

Well, obviously you need to create as much Orbs of Light as possible for your supers to charge more quickly. What are your thoughts on this?

390 Templar

Destiny: This is How you can defeat 390 Templar Under 18 Seconds!

Vault of Glass was released back in the second week of Age of Triumph. Many players soloed some of the Boss fights in the raid like Templar. Some players defeated Templar under 2 minutes. But, this time, we might have something you’ve never seen before! Yes, you heard right! This Player Mattyex83 and his Fireteam defeated Templar under 18 seconds with challenge mode completion as well.

It’s been World’s first & fastest attempt to defeat Templar. The tactics to do this are completely same. You just need to DPS better. One thing, get as much Hunters with Gunslinger and Celestial Nighthawk as you can. This will help with the DPS even more. We just have to say one thing! Can you beat this?

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