As Wrath of the Machine raid is back, it brings more challenges & (loots) as well. There are some players complaining about loot system in this raid. Well, this everything you need to know about Wrath of the Machine Rewards at every Checkpoint. There won’t be anything new included in this updated version of Wrath of the Machine except those Adept versions of raid exclusive weapons. These exotic weapons can be acquired by doing challenge modes which in this raid are Vosik The Archpriest & Aksis Archon Prime.

Aksis Challenge Mode

Destiny: This is How you can 2-Man Aksis Challenge Mode!

Rise of Iron Expansion was released last year which included Wrath of the Machine Raid. There’s a total of two challenge modes in this raid from which you can get those Exotic Adept raid exclusive weapons. Vosik The Archpriest challenge mode & Aksis Archon Prime challenge mode! This Player Gladd has 2-Man Aksis Challenge mode after this week’s reset. Everything they did is pretty much the same. You just need to be quick and coordinate with each other. Here’s what Glad has to say about it:

The strategy was basic: one person (me) was in charge of all the back slams and the other (Flesh) was in charge of all the plate slams. We both cleared our respective side shanks/captains then caved in on the middle adds. I juggled all 3 cannons while Flesh tossed all 7 bombs. Took a little practice to get into the rhythm.

So here it is! Here’s a quick look at the Loot Table for Wrath of the Machine. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments below! Checkout our Facebook Page for daily Destiny content!