Bungie just officially announced Destiny 2. This definitely means that we will be getting a World Reveal Trailer very soon (maybe this week!). Take a look at First Destiny 2 Official Poster:

Destiny 2 Official Poster

In-depth Look at Destiny 2 Official Poster!

One thing is clear. “DOWNFALL OF EARTH’S LAST CITY.” In Destiny 1, we completely ┬ádefeated Vex, Hive, Taken & SIVA armies but instead of Cabal. Commander Zavala warned us that Cabal armies will return with greater number and with more power. But this is still just a rumor. We will be getting more information about Destiny 2 as it’s now Officially Announced!

Destiny 2 Official Poster

By the look at above image, we clearly see everything burnt down in ashes. Even the Traveler! This means something really massive has come to Destiny Universe. More powerful than any of the enemies we currently have.

Destiny 2 Official Poster

UPDATE: If we take a closer look at this banner image, we can see that there are actually two Planets.

Here’s more clear image:Destiny 2 Official Poster

After seeing this, we only have One Question in our mind. If that is the Traveler than WHAT IS THIS NEW Planet in that poster? Cabal’s Home Planet? What do you think?

By all the recent Destiny 2 leaks, we know the Bungie is still partnered with Sony for Exclusivity. Destiny 2 will be getting an early access Beta in somewhere between June and July. Pre-order Bonus has also been leaked for Destiny 2!

What are you thoughts and theories for Destiny 2? Do let us know in comments!