Destiny has a strong past if we talk about cheese spots, exploits or glitches. There had been many cheese spots found in-game including Unlimited Kills in Crucible. After the release of Destiny last event ‘Age of Triumph‘, there wasn’t any exploits found in weekly featured raids (Crota’s End, Vault of Glass) instead Bungie did a really well job patching every glitch in Crota’s End (including Bridge exploit). But it seems, they didn’t patch every glitch in these raids. This time it’s a 3rd Person view in Destiny.

This is How you can play Destiny in 3rd Person View!

Destiny in 3rd Person? Yes Please! It’s always cool when there’s new exploit in Destiny. Well, this 3rd Person glitch definitely looks cool. We could’ve added this as a proper feature in the game back when it was released. But let’s hope it for Destiny 2. Here’s a step- by-step guide on how you can play 3rd Person in PvP:

  1. You need to have a (Stormcaller) Warlock and a Hunter (Nightstalker).
  2. Both of these classes need to have their super abilities charged. Hunter’s Nightstalker needs to shoot near the Warlock (not at him or it would just kill him).
  3. As soon as the Warlock gets tethered by Hunter’s Nightstalker, he needs to activate his Stormcaller. And there you have it. Destiny in 3rd Person View. Keep in mind that warlock needs to activate his super as the exact moment when tether hits him or it won’t work!

Note: You can only do this glitch with Stormcaller Warlock. Any other class won’t be able to do it.

This glitch was founded by Weggieninja. This is not a game-breaking glitch and Bungie should consider it adding it as an individual feature in Destiny 2. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! Checkout our Facebook Page for Daily Destiny Content!