This is the second reset for Age of Triumph. Last week, weekly featured raid was ‘Crota’s End‘. Age of Triumph features Elemental Primaries being Exotic weapons, new Ornaments & new gear for each character. There are two challenges for this raid. Templar Challenge mode and Atheon Challenge mode. Well, there has been some records already made for fastest completion of Templar Challenge mode!

This is How you can Defeat Atheon under 60 seconds!

As this week’s reset is Vault of Glass, players got a chance to hop into one of their favorite raids in Destiny. After getting that 2 minute Templar kill challenge. It seems we’ve got a player who has defeated Atheon under 60 seconds (not solo).

This has been World’s first attempt to defeat Atheon in 1 minute. Eneo and his Fireteam did a pretty amazing job making it to the top. Here’s step-by-step guide:

  1. You need at least five Warlocks with Sunsinger subclass, Starfire Protocol equipped! This will get you an extra Fusion Grenade. (having six warlocks will be best for this challenge)
  2. Warlock’s Fusion Grenades (Sticky Grenades) are required. You also need to equip Radiant Skin, so that when you activate your super, you’ll take less damage from Harpies. Here’s a look at what you need to equip from Warlock’s Sunsinger Subclass:


3. You need to start DPS Atheon as soon as he’s spawned with your grenades. You can either use Gjallarhorn of Sleeper Simulant to damage Atheon.

4. Three of your players will be teleported either on Mars or Venus. They need to kill the Oracles as soon as they can and then teleport back at Atheon and start damaging him.

That’s pretty much it! Here’s full video guide from this player. You can watch his video gameplay here.

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