Yesterday, Bungie showed new Armor Sets for each character in Sandbox Update releasing with April Update. This includes Crota’s End Armor set, Vault of Glass set, King’s Fall set, Wrath of the Machine set and Age of Triumph Chroma set. We gotta say, Bungie did a really Well job detailing those Armor sets. With those color scheme, each armor set looks even more attractive. Following are the Best Looking Armor Set from Age of Triumph!

Which is THE Best Looking Armor Set?

  • Crota’s End Armor Set!

Best Looking Armor Set

Without any doubt, here it is! Crota’s End Armor set has literally nailed it. Those glowing colors looks dope! And the best part is that when you take damage, your armor retreats and it’s light disappears but it regenerates in 1.5 seconds.

  • Wrath of the Machine Armor Set!

Best Looking Armor Set

Wrath of the Machine has definitely second best looking Armor set in Age of Triumph. If you’ve watched Bungie’s stream yesterday, you can tell those Visual Effects & Swarming Clusters on this set. Bungie said that this is THE most detailed Armor Set they’ve ever created in Destiny!

  • Vault of Glass Armor Set!

Best Looking Armor Set

If we take a look on Hunter’s Set, we can see that a really cool vex themed cloak. Titan also has these blue lights on his back (looks like a wifi symbol though!) And Warlock has those Gorgon strings on his shoulders!

  • King’s Fall Armor Set!

Best Looking Armor Set

If we talk about King’s Fall Armor set. Bungie made this armor a bit dull. Also, this armor set for Hunter, Warlock & Titan looks very similar to old raid set.

  • Age of Triumph Chroma Set!

Best Looking Armor Set

Finally, you can get Age of Triumph Chroma for Treasure of Ages. What do you think is best looking Armor Set from Age of Triumph? Let us know in comments!