Some of players are complaining of being charged $20 for cancelling their Destiny 2 pre-orders at Best Buy. This user MlxRezZ posted on Best Buy forums that he got charged $20 after pre-ordering Destiny 2 Digital Deluxe Edition. This is not all. There was another user with the same issue. sohjsolwin replied under the same thread saying that he cancelled his Destiny 2 pre-order, and after it got cancelled, they charged him $20 for that ‘free Destiny 2 beta code’. This is normally doesn’t happen with Destiny 2 pre-order cancellations.

Best Buy is Charging $20 for Destiny 2 Pre-Order Cancellations!

But if we take a look at Best Buy Social Media Specialist 

As called out in the Bundle or Promotional Discount Items section of our Return and Exchange Promise “If you return an item bought as part of a bundle or with a promotional discount and you do not return everything – not to worry. We will reimburse you for what you do return, minus the value of the discount or freebie.”  In this case the Beta Access code is a digital item, which is final sale and nonreturnable under our policy.

So, this clearly shows that if you’ve got any kind of digital content/code as a pre-order bonus for anything, after you cancel that pre-order, you will be charged accordingly as in this case it’s ‘$20 for the beta code’. Though, on Best Buy Destiny 2 product page, there hasn’t been mentioned for any kind of cost for Destiny 2 early access beta code. Although, it says ‘Included Free’. Take a look:

Destiny 2 Pre-Order Cancellations

There have been no replies from Best Buy on this matter since April 4, 2017. We may get some updates about this in future.