Destiny has always been one of those games that has great impact on it’s community. Some Players met on Destiny, became best friends. This time, it’s a story of an U.S Army Officer and his roommate Navy Officer who is a pilot. This player MayoInjection has a very inspiring story posted on r/DestinyTheGame recently which derived a lot of attention of Destiny community!

This Army Officer has a Message for Destiny Players!

Destiny Players

This player has also played other games like The Elder Scrolls III: MorrowindBaldur’s GateDungeons & Dragons Online. He joined military when he was 18. After joining the army, he paused his video gaming for some time because he was picked up for an officer program a couple days before boot-camp. He lived with his best friend and roommate who actually was a big fan of Destiny. Here what he has to say about it:

I live with my best friend and fellow Navy Officer who is a pilot, who would be playing the same game every night. It was an RPG I was used to, but also a first person shooter: Destiny. I would come home and he was usually screaming “GET F*CKED” at other people while shooting them with a weird poison gun, yelling “MARS, MARS MARS”, or running in circles picking up helium.

The thing that inspired this player for playing Destiny is The Taken King Expansion. After encountering Oryx the first time in King’s Fall Raid, he couldn’t help himself but to buy the game itself.

The feeling we both felt, landing on Phobos, seeing the same Cabal he killed a hundred times before, already dead, seeing the first thing get Taken, seeing Oryx for the first time and remembering his Crota runs: it hit me hard. Harder than anything in a video game in years. The next day I grabbed an old TV from under my bed, bought an XB1, and bought the game. I set it up in my closet, since that was the only room I had left for a gaming system.

He has been playing Destiny since then and now is 5500+ Grimoire and defeated every Raid. Here’s the message he has for the whole Destiny community:

Today, I should be logging on and getting stuff out of my vault to kill Oyrx, just like I did the first time. Instead, I’m putting together a M9, wearing an Army uniform, heading to Iraq. I love my job and don’t want to be anywhere else, but I won’t be able to kill Oyrx until well after D2.

We will surely be seeing him in Destiny 2. Be safe on the battlefield, Guardian! What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in comments! Checkout our Facebook Page for Daily Destiny Content!