Yesterday, Bungie talked about Sandbox Update for Age of Triumph. Josh Hamrick who is Sandbox Designer at Bungie tweeted that there will be a new quest-line for Necrochasm. Josh replied to one of the tweets talking about it:

CONFIRMED: New Quest-line for Necrochasm!

There are number of questions asked by Destiny Community on twitter about Necrochasm. Josh confirmed that you will still need Crux of Crota, Husk of the Pit, Eidolon Ally from Crota’s End in order to complete it’s quest! But this new quest will be smoother and easier than before, says Hamrick. Later on, Bungie Informer on twitter tweeted that Vex Mythoclast will be a drop while Necrochasm is a quest!


  1. Acquire the Husk by killing Hive!
  2. Upgrade your acquired Husk by killing Hive Captains, Wizards etc.
  3. Speak to the Speaker!
  4. Use 25 Motes of Light to purge the Darkness and upgrade Eidelon Ally!
  5. After this, Eris Morn will give you a Quest for Essence of the Oversoul!
  6. Kill Crota and Omnigul, Traverse the Abyss to receive the Essence of Oversoul!
  7. Use the Essence on the Final node on Eidelon Ally to upgrade it to Necrochasm.

Josh on twitter also announced some other buffs coming in Update 2.6.0 that are not discussed in Sandbox Update Live Stream. Following items are getting buffed:

  • Astrocyte Verse’s (Warlock Helmet) is getting Buffed.
  • Anti-exploit fix for Rescue Mag.
  • Correct 2502 SG Rangefinder change.
  • Correct 2502 SG in-air acc change.

Pocket Infinity Is Not Coming Back!

Pocket Infinity is now the only Year 1 Exotic that is not making a comeback with Age of Triumph. Josh Hamrick on Twitter:

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