Destiny has been an incredible adventure for every gamer. Bungie really did a great job with it’s Game-mechanics, Story-line, Raids and yearly expansions. There have been a total of four expansion released in Destiny 1. The Dark Below, House of Wolves, The Taken King and Rise of Iron. Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 (upcoming sequel for Destiny 1) will be out this fall, making it the biggest PlayStation 4 release of 2017. We will find out more about Destiny 2 on this E3 Press Conference in June!

10 Things You Really Need To Do Before Destiny 2!

  • Kill Yourself With Your Rocket Launcher!

Destiny 2

The Strike Boss is about to die, got low on health. You have your Gjallarhorn with only One Rocket left in it. You get to the boss, jump on his head and Shoot!

  • Finish With The Worst K/D in a Crucible Match and Get the Only Good Drop!

Destiny 2

Destiny has always really unfair RNG. You know your feelings when your K/D is 0.04 and you got an Eyasluna. And you’re like ‘Praise RNG’

  • Watch a Noob Get Blasted Out of the Doorway in the Cayde’s Stash Mission!

Destiny 2

The truth is everyone died the first time they jumped over there. But the real fun is standing back and watching someone else try it for the first time!

  • Disturb the Remains!

Destiny 2

It was really fun grinding all day to see those blues & purples under that cave. But since Bungie patched it in Year 2, they gave us a really Fun Memorial.

  • Never get that one thing (Ship, Emblem, Shader… whatever) you’ve desperately want while someone else in your Fireteam gets it for the 5th time and dismantles it in front of you!

Destiny 2

Sigh. That one really hurt.

  • Get the Crux of Crota to Drop!

Destiny 2

Hahaha… just kidding. If you don’t have it, it’s never going to drop (even
in upcoming Age of Triumph)

  • Ruin your Fireteam’s Raid!

Destiny 2

First or second time you might got F**ked up while doing a raid but after you’ve embrace the reaction of your Fireteam, you will ruin your raid again & again just to get all other members fired up!

  • Shotgun then Melee a Blade Dancer!

Destiny 2

You see them coming, they’re full health, you know you’re dead… but their blade stops short (because reasons) and your Matador/Thunderstrike kills them. Wait… is this one just me?

  • Fall off during the Climb to Felwinter’s Peak again and again and again and again…

Destiny 2


  • Have Fun!

Destiny 2

Destiny has been the most addicting game Guardians ever came to play. Getting all those Exotics, Tuesday Resets. Trying to get Flawless but never been. This is THE best part of Destiny. Everyone has one their most funniest moments in Destiny. What’s yours? Tell Us in Comment!