Blizzard is one of the Best known company for games like World of Warcraft & Diablo series. They have developed World of Warcraft, Overwatch, HearthStone, StarCraft, Heroes of the Storm and more. But they have been noticing a lot of Cheat Makers like “Bossland” known for making Cheat Bots/Cheaters for World of Warcraft and especially for many other Blizzard titles. Recently, Blizzard Claims $8.5 Million by Suing all Cheat Makers.

Blizzard Just banned Over 22,000+ Overwatch Cheaters!

Blizzard has been very thorough with it’s Overwatch community when it comes to cheating. Korean Blizzard management just banned up to 22,865 Korean Overwatch accounts for cheating. Yes, you heard right! It’s always nice to hear those cheaters getting ban but as for Korean Overwatch community, it won’t be making much of a difference if we compare it to Western Overwatch community.

Blizzard also said in Korean that they will be banning more players from this community but it won’t be an easy task. Unlike western gaming, in Korea, players don’t have access to high-end PC in their houses. So, they all go to gaming cafe to play games like Overwatch and any other type of multiplayer games.

If players get banned on a PC, they loses their username, any of the content they’ve unlocked including level & playtime BUT this won’t prohibit them for accessing the game. So, they can just make another account to play online. This is why Blizzard said that it will be complicated banning those cheaters. But we will see what they do next!

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